Truck Repair Maintenance

Sometimes even the big boys need a little help. At Sandi Auto & Truck Repair, we can handle any Medium and Heavy Truck Repair job.
A truck is an incredibly powerful automotive; they dominate roads like no other vehicle. One must only call to mind images of the Volvo Iron Knight, Mercedes Astros or Optimus Prime. However, sometimes they break down (even if they are an extraterrestrial robot) and if that happens, they need to be taken care of with the same attention to detail as a car of any other size.

All your needs in one place
With trucks, it has become commonplace to ship them back and forth for maintenance, engine checks or truck repairs. Not on our watch! At Sandi Auto & Truck, we take care of everything you need. Just drop your truck off and we will take it from there. This reduces the hassle of running around endlessly to a bare minimum.

Pros at work!
Over the years, we have amassed enormous experience working with and on trucks. We know all the ins and outs; we have seen every single problem there is. That is why we would love to assist you in getting your truck back to peak performance. We trust in our abilities to perform the best truck repairs and hopefully, you will too. So next time you need a semi truck repair job, come to Sandi Auto & Truck repair.

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