Sandi Auto & Truck is the place to go for Car and SUV Auto Repair.
At our automotive repair shop you will always find a friendly face with an open ear. We hold the experience customers have with us in highest regards. That is why we do not do half-hearted and anonymous fixups; we are fully invested in every repair that is brought to us.
Customer satisfaction and high-quality repairs go hand in hand
Have you ever been at an auto repair shop just to be confronted with the same problem mere weeks later? We know too many people like this – but none of them are clients of ours. That is because we are all highly skilled at what we do; we have year of experience repairing ACs and fixing up tires and anything in between. If you give your car into our care, rest assured that we are just as crazy about it as you are. We always want to make things right by you. To that end, all equipment used by us is state-of-the-art.
The best service includes the best prices
We make your problems disappear, not your savings. Our pricing is completely transparent, so you never have to worry about asinine bills. We only charge you for work that was absolutely necessary for your auto repair. So next time you need service remember to come see your Car and Suv Auto Repair specialist, Sandi Auto & Truck Repair.

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