Your drivetrain and suspension systems are critical, not only to the functionality of your car but to the integrity of the vehicle and the safety of you and your passengers. If your car seems to have a drivetrain or suspension problem, then we highly recommend that you come give us a visit.

Signs of Suspension or Drivetrain issues

The drivetrain is the system of components that generate the power to actually move the car. Your engine, transmission, wheels, and drive shaft are all parts of your drivetrain. When one of these components starts to fail or to function incorrectly, it can have a dramatic effect on your car’s performance.

This can include Fluid leaks from the transmission, unusual wear on your tires, grinding and whining noises and sudden vibrations while driving.

If you have any unusual noises or vibrations that you are feeling we recommend you get this looked at as soon as possible. At Sandi Auto & Truck Repair, we can inspect and replace any worn down suspension parts and drive train parts to get you back on the road and driving confidently again.

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